Monday, August 4, 2014

Day 364 of 365: Against Bombing Hospitals

Sometimes I get a thought that plays on repeat in my head while I'm sleeping. I consider it a weird byproduct that happens when a sleepwalker's mind meets Stage 3 of sleep. Sometimes it's something incredibly silly. And sometimes it's a surprisingly on point sentiment.

Last night's thought? "I don't care what you're for or against or neutral about. But you should damn-sure be against bombing hospitals and shelters."

This is in reference to the absolutely heartbreaking situation in Israel/Gaza Strip right now. It seems like you can't have a single opinion about what is going on without someone asking if you're pro-Israel, pro-Palestine, pro-Hamas, pro-Israeli military/ministry... Mark Ruffalo got in a bit of trouble a few weeks ago just for pointing out a bombing attack on a Gaza hospital in the middle of them evacuating.

Maybe it's because of all my time/research on Belfast and "The Troubles", but I've taken an obnoxiously sociological stance on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict since day one. It's an ugly, murky water and it's honestly so contested that I have no interest in expressing my opinions on the matter in a public setting, even if they do hang out in that frustrating gray area.

There are just some things that shouldn't happen, things that you should be against regardless of your alliances. It shouldn't be a sign that you're pro-this, anti-that, pro-this-ideology, anti-this-ideology. It should be a sign that you're human.

And thus marks the last *political* blog post I make for this blog. I'm not sure if I'm ready to let tomorrow be the last proper day of this project. It truly has been one helluva year.

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