Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Day 10 of 365: A Stranger's Opinion

I've been scrambling around this morning since 7:30, hurriedly cleaning up the apartment before I eventually dash to the house and complete whatever painting I can do before the exterminator comes Thursday morning (because guess who has spiders and ants?). I will be rushing back before 4 so I can finish up whatever cleaning needs to get done.

Why am I doing all this cleaning when there are other pressing matters at hand? Because I have a mover coming in to give me an estimate and I care about the opinion of a stranger. A stranger who is coming into the apartment knowing full well that it's in the middle of being packed up.

I've noticed a strange thing happens as I get older: I care less and less about what people might think of me, but I care more and more about how my home is presented. From overhauling the apartment before a friend visits to meticulously planning how I'll unpack and decorate in time for our housewarming party, I care more about whatever "nest" I have than anything else.

That might just be a sign of me getting older, getting into an age where I might be having children (hence the "nest"). I know I never cared about what my dorm room or old apartment looked like. In fact, if I cleaned up, it was because I wanted things put away so no one could attempt to take my stuff.

But hey, it makes for an interesting day. Tomorrow will be more of the same (exterminator, followed by me rushing back to the apartment to meet with another moving company), and then I have my meeting (dun, dun, DUN) on Friday. Time to see how the rest of the weeks plays out.

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