Sunday, August 11, 2013

Day 7 of 365: The Usefulness of Painting

Next Monday, we'll be having painters come in to repaint practically every room on the first floor (as well as the hallway in the second floor). They would be painting two of the bedrooms upstairs as well, but the cost for those two little (and seemingly simple) rooms were just not worth it to us. So, on top of running cables and cleaning, we're doing some painting.

I have never painted a room in my entire life. And now, here I am, taping up window frames, laying out the drop cloth, and rolling on primer. It is a ton of work, even for just one room, and as we've learned, that wonderful painter's tape that seems to fall over on itself if there is even a speck of dust on the wall loves pulling off paint if you don't pull it off perfectly (yeah, remember those commercials where they just effortlessly tug at the tape and it comes unattached from the wall, all the way up to the ceiling? Fucking lies).

It has been frustrating, to say the least, to pull tape off of edges, only to find that paint leaked through anyway, or that we'd have to redo an entire area because the tape tore a solid chunk off the wall (and this was with Frogger Tape -- the wide, green tape that loses it's mind if you touch the adhesive before placing it on the wall).

Given the frustrations that painting is giving me, it's very tempting to throw my hands up and say, "Fuck it! Tell the painters to do this room, too." But I need to persevere and learn how to paint.

Why? It's the same reason why I run. I pride myself on efficiency and usefulness. That drive to be useful -- to change a tire or fix a cabinet door -- is only made more powerful in light of the advancements in technology. More and more devices do the thinking for you. Shit, my phone saw my emails confirming a meeting with the agency and let me know the directions to said agency, with a request to add the meeting to my calendar. A little freaky, especially given all that has been going on with the government, but hey, welcome to the future.

I'm one of those people who sees movies like Idiocracy and Wall-E as an actual, viable future for humans (assuming we don't blow each other up beforehand). Just a lot of dumb, malnurished individuals who let the machines do all the thinking for you. And I let that be the catalyst I need to learn something new (and difficult).

Besides, throwing up my hands when painting gets frustrating would only result in paint getting all over me. I need to be reasonable, here.

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