Friday, November 15, 2013

Day 103 of 365: Eventful

Yesterday was bit of an eventful day.

Yesterday, we passed in the keys to our apartment. I did one last workout at the gym, making sure I capped it off with my tai chi form in the dance studio on the first floor. This was where I started learning tai chi in the first place. Where I learned Yang 24 and Fan 56 and 2/3rds of Yang 42. Now I'm teaching Yang 24. Granted, that situation is about to go up in the air, but, more on that later.

I took one last shower, the shower curtain and soap the only things left in the apartment. We took down the streamers, did one last look around, and passed everything in.

From there, it was straight to the dealership to get my new car.

After two hours worth of paperwork, we were off, taking the backroads (since it's considered a good idea to "break" a new car in where the first 200 miles are fairly slow miles, with gentle starts and stops). We drove up through gorgeous little towns, winding through villages and the occasional farmland. We even ended up on one of my running routes with a spectacular view of the mountains.

In the midst of getting the car registered and EZPass purchased, I found out that I was picked by a casting director for a pretty big job. I can't go into the details just yet, as anything in the modeling world is tentative and nothing is guaranteed until you have the client sign the voucher, but suffice it say I lost my mind over the news (especially since I thought I had blown the audition).

? And, because life is always about balance, I nearly get into an accident as I leave the EZPass place.

I was trying to turn left on a busy street. The Jeep turning right next to me was blocking the view of traffic from the right. But there was a break in traffic on the left and I decided to gamble. Next thing I knew, I'm hearing screeching tires as a car veers to avoid hitting me.

Er -- whoops?

Now that I don't have tons of adrenaline pumping through my system, I can laugh at how damn lucky I was and how -- let's be honest, here -- funny it would've been, had I gotten into an accident barely minutes after getting all the necessary paperwork squared away. I was hysterical (and later the type of exhaustedly-ashamed you only get after being hysterical about a dumb mistake) up until that point, but still.

I took a long, hot bath (namely, my husband drew me a long hot bath when we got home and I was still upset), found out one of my essays was published on Thought Catalog, and -- somehow -- cranked out my 1,000 words, even though that was the very last thing I wanted to do that day. That particular scene will probably have to get written over, but, oh well, such is the life of a writer.

And, speaking of eventful things, I found out last week that the yoga studio I was hired at was closing its doors. I had to keep mum about it until now, since plans weren't finalized. The owner was in talks with another yoga studio owner to transfer as many of her teachers over to their studio, myself included. I've been mulling it over: it's a completely different business structure, one that I'm guaranteed to lose money on, especially since I will be doing a lot of traveling this year. While I'm a-okay with not getting paid for weeks I don't teach, I'm not okay with paying others for the opportunity to not teach.

As my husband joked, it's saying something when choosing a car is the easiest decision you get to make. But, suffice it to say, the past couple of weeks have been a little insane. But, as I have learned many a-time before, life always comes in large doses. But hey, better that than an uneventful life.

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