Monday, November 25, 2013

Day 113 of 365: No Show

I had my first no-student class today. Meaning that no one -- absolutely no one -- showed up.

In a way, I'm shocked it took this long. Monday morning classes are a hard sell. Even if you work off-hours (or don't work at all), anything on a Monday is going to take extra effort. If there was anything over the weekend that could be deemed at all strenuous, a Monday morning class is going to be the first on the chopping block.

I'm surprisingly okay with having my first no-show experience. I worked on my own practice, taking full advantage of the studio's mirror and dancer's bar, and I left early. Maybe it's because the studio is closing down, so I've already have been saying my good-byes and preparing to close that particular chapter. Maybe it's because I stayed up too late last night, so my head wasn't in the game to begin with. Or maybe it's because I have been so invested in my novel this month that, even for the few hours a week I actually work-work, I'm starting to phone it in.

It might also be the approaching winter. I'm getting right into hibernation mode and finding it very difficult to get out and do what needs to be done.

Of all the entries I've made in this project, this is easily the most pointless. But, oh well, they can't all be winners.

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