Friday, November 8, 2013

Day 96 of 365: Kama

There has been way too much death this year.

I get it: death is a natural part of life. It happens every second of every day and in all shapes and sizes. If we let ourselves fall apart at the idea of death, we'll never get a moment to live.

But that doesn't make it any easier when it's someone you know.

I got the news yesterday that one of my former co-workers died. No one knows why exactly. All that we know is that it was sudden and unexpected and she was far, far, far too young, and the mic at the bar in the downtown area is going to be a lot quieter now that she isn't there to sing her best Cranberries song.

She was a riot. I could always count on her for a smart-alleck comment or a snarky joke to make even the most stressful situation better. She made friends effortlessly and she wasn't afraid to tell the higher-ups what needed to be said.

I don't want to make this a negative entry. Because that's the opposite of who she was.

A beautiful thing happened the day she died. Her Facebook profile came alive, filled with people posting pictures and writing messages and find their own little way to pay tribute. Posts that came every single minute -- you would've thought she was a celebrity. Everyone had a good memory of her, something to write about and make everyone else smile. I saw so many people change their profile to a graphic made in her memory. And I realized then just how many people she had touched as a singer, a sports enthusiast, a nanny, a band leader, a teacher, a family member, a friend.

We could only hope to go out with as much love and admiration as she did. She is going to be missed by so many people, but, even more, she'll be remembered fondly.

I'm just exhausted with all this death this year. All these people cut out from this world way too early.

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