Monday, June 16, 2014

Day 315 of 365: One Year Ago

I've been trying to figure out what to write about today. It's been a busy day: I had one of my scheduled observation classes today, followed by a long talk with my favorite instructor (which included talk about putting me on the sub list for that studio). I filled out yet more paperwork, both for yoga and for writing (what they don't tell you is that, as a freelance writer, you get to fill out a W-2 every.fricken.time a website accepts your essay and actually pays you for it. But, hey, not like I'm complaining. Get money, bitch). I talked briefly on the phone with a yoga studio that might be using me as a sub as early as this August. I even submitted some more work and edited M#2 until I found myself reading to read (which is a sign that I need to stop editing because I've lost my critical eye).

That's a lot of stuff to write about. And yet, I really didn't feel like writing any of it. And then I realized that today is June 16th. I checked the 2013 calendar and realized that it's been a year and two days since I left the teaching world behind.

That means it's been a full year since I've worked a standard, full-time job. I spent the first three months in a weird tizzy, thanks in large part to our road trip and moving into/establishing the house. I then spent the next three months wondering WTF I was doing, if I really understood what I was doing next, and, really, if leaving such a stable paycheck made that much sense in light of buying a new house.

The last six months were spent in teacher trainer to become a registered yoga teacher. During that time, my ebook got published and I went from a lowly contributor to Thought Catalog to someone who had multiple publishing sites under her belt.

I feel like it figures that today is the day that I can't think of anything to write about. A day when I made some progress in both yoga and writing, but still couldn't think about anything to write about until she realized what date it is. Today is a good day for retrospection. Today is a good day to see where I was before I left teaching, to see where I was before training -- shit, to see where I was in February, when the very idea of even doing a 10-minute practice class blew my skull.

So here's to a second year being free of a standard 9-to-5, a proper paycheck -- here's to a second year of freelancer like the pseudo-broke baller I am, because I'd rather be budgeting our money and be happy than be more financially liberated and miserable as all getout.

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