Saturday, June 28, 2014

Day 327 of 365: Sentimental Like That

Virginia Beach ended up getting scrapped. From some crazy reason, we didn't feel like driving 10+ hours on our rest day. We opted instead for a little more time in Old Town Alexandria before driving up to Long Island.

It was dinnertime by the time we got to Long Island, so we decided to spend the night at the movies. 22 Jump Street was playing and I immediately jumped at the idea. On top of the fact that 21 Jump Street was shockingly hilarious and self-aware (and I would gladly watch its sequel), we had watched the first movie on our very first anniversary vacation.

22 Jump Street did not disappoint, this time poking fun at sequels in general (instead of just poking fun at remakes). I was entertained by the movie -- and possibly even more entertained by the fact that we were able to watch the sequel in theatres in June of 2014 when we watched the original in our hotel room in June of 2012.

I'm horrifically sentimental like that. I mean, given the number of scrapbooks I've made, this should not be surprising. I'm sentimental enough that I found the pair of shorts I wore to Searles Castle on my wedding day and decided to bring those along on the trip so I could wear them during the day on our anniversary.

To me, life's too short not to be a little sentimental. Granted, this can turn into hoarding real quick, but being 100% pragmatic sucks the life out of, well, life. Sometimes it's nice to have a set of jewelry that you like wearing when seeing certain people, or holding onto a souvenir as a way of remembering.

I'm sure this could be a whole lot more articulate if I weren't writing this at 8 in the morning, but, meh. What more can you honestly expect from a girl on vacation (and 327 days into this crazy project)?

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