Friday, June 27, 2014

Day 326 of 365: It's Been Real, DC

Yesterday was spent mainly at the Smithsonian, particularly at the Museum of Natural History (you could honestly spend a week at the Smithsonian museums alone). We took a break to go out to the National Mall, where they were having a festival on Chinese and Kenyan culture. I took a tai chi "lesson" in the park (although I kept getting ahead of the crowd because I already knew the moves) and learned about tai chi ball (and felt like a mad badass when I could flip my paddle with the ball still in it). We capped off the night in Old Town Alexandria, where we had the best scallops of our lives and ate froyo by a wharf overlooking the Potomac.

I've spent roughly four days in Virginia/DC. Now we're off to potentially Virginia Beach (if we feel like making the drive) before crash landing in Long Island for my friend's wedding. We plan on spending Saturday (the day before the wedding) in NYC, just doing whatever (unlike our last trip to NYC, I didn't plan out a thousand different things and buy tickets to a hundred different sites). So this should make today a bit of a resting day, especially given that we spent the last four constantly going.

But, either way, we're hours away from checkout. It's been real, DC. I'm glad I finally got to experience what most people get to do as part of a school trip but, hey, details. This way was far more fun, anyway.

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