Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Day 247 of 365: Keep Your Trap Open

There's this ~scandal~ that has been going around involving Robin Thicke. Apparently he was all over this chick at the VMAs (y'know, sometime after he finished grinding up on Miley's twerking). Which hey, that's all good and fun -- make out with whatever chick wants to get on that. Have at it. Unless you're, gee, married with a kid.

There was an article out recently about this particular girl. And while it was obvious that she was going to the various media outlets purely for attention, the article said that the girl needed to, "keep her trap shut," because he's married and has a kid.

Now, here's the thing: this type of attitude is stupidly common. Everyone cheats, so why call people out when they do? You're just disrupting the life that they built! Yes, it's a life built on a lie, but, hey, we're not perfect! Keep your trap shut (even if you just spent the last hour with it open ifyaknowwhatImean).

I cannot stomach this attitude. I feel like it is some part of the reason why cheating is so prevalent. Who wants to be that guy or that girl to come forward? Look what happens when friends find out that their close compadre's significant other is messing around. Who is that friend say something. How not their business this was.

Now, here's another "here's the thing": if you cheat, you deserve to have that public humiliation. End of story. I don't care if you were drunk, or if "you were going through some things" with your SO. Do. Not. Care. You cheat, you -- bare minimum -- deserve to get called out. You deserve to have that life you built crumble apart. If you don't care enough about it to stay true to your vows, your promises, your word, then you don't deserve whatever it is that you're taking advantage of.

"Oh, but what about the wife, the husband, the kids?" Don't get me wrong. It sucks. It sucks for everyone involved. It's not fair that innocent people get hurt when cheating comes to light. But they deserve to know. They deserve to know exactly who they got involved with. They deserve to have the opportunity to see the cheater for who they really are and have that option to move on.

Honestly, enough with this attitude that these little lies are "necessary", that it's better for that "other woman" to "keep her trap shut". Because it's not. It just perpetuates this idea that cheating is part and parcel of a relationship. Imagine if sports commissions stopped drug testing, if all enforcement of the rules were dropped because, "well, everyone is going to cheat anyway." People would be calling out that defeatist attitude so fast, even the mascots' heads would spin. Why? Because cheating isn't okay. It doesn't matter if "everybody does it" (spoiler alert: everybody doesn't); it's not, not, 100% not okay.

This is a whole lot of opinion for a celebrity scandal that I'm just getting wind of, involving a singer with a few moderate hits (and one stupidly big hit). But it touches upon something that I have a boatload of opinions on. And this is me unloading that boat onto the viewers at home.

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