Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Day 267 of 365: Weather and Plans

I had a photoshoot scheduled for today. Everything was set: the location (the picturesque Crane Beach in Ipswich), the time, the theme, and so on, and so forth.

And then, weather dropped to barely above freezing.

Even though the shoot entailed jeans and yoga gear, the cloudy weather, the threat of rain, and the cold air called for a rescheduling. Part of me was less than thrilled: as someone who is more or less self-employed, every deal that gets rescheduled is essentially one gigantic raincheck on the, well, paycheck. But, by 10:30 (aka when I would've had to leave for the shoot), it became apparent that not having the shoot was probably the best thing I could do. From trying to get on top of coursework, to trying to keep housework at bay, to just feeling all around icky (I think I've been battling a micro-cold for the last two weeks. Not enough to make me stay in bed and eat soup all day, but enough to give me a slight fever and just drain my energy), being at home instead of the beaches of Ipswich was a surprising Godsend.

So I'm choosing to look at this cancellation of a gig as an opportunity to get a lot of stuff done this week. It's been and will continue to be a busy week. From workshops to classes, to the classes I teach. And then there's that pesky half-marathon coming up in less than a month, where training to hit 13.1 in under two hours seems to have ground to a halt (I went on a 6-miler a few days ago with favorable results, so I'm hoping whatever lag that is going on is coming to an end). I'm appreciating the change in plans.

You can't control the weather, the same way you can't control if or when you get sick. Sometimes you just have to have faith that the things you can't control will inevitably act in a way that is vital for you. Or something like that.

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