Saturday, April 26, 2014

Day 264 of 365: Man, Am I Tired

I'm rounding the final lap of this project. I'm basically 100 days away from finishing of 365 posts.

And boy, am I tired.

Some days, I am filled to the brim with opinions and shit that I just gotta say. Other days, I'm just trudging along to write something and call it a day.

Today is one of those days.

Maybe it's because it's been a busy weekend. Maybe it's because of the dreary weather. Maybe I'm still exhausted from submitting to the ABNA contest and releasing my ebook (and attempting to finish my third manuscript -- I'm three chapters away, dammit!). Who knows. All I know is that I had to kick myself into actually writing something before leaving for a UFC fight night with my friends.

But yet, here I am. Butt hath been kicked, words hath been written. They're not always going to be winners, but as long as I actually get something out, I'm doing my job. It's why we do these writing exercises in the first place. Rewiring our brain, reminding ourselves to let the words flow. Getting rid of the contrived and going straight for the genuine (or trying to, at least).

So, yeah. Words. And sentences. Grammar and spelling and syntax. Tomorrow is Day #265. Keep on keeping on.

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