Saturday, April 19, 2014

Day 257 of 365: 6:30 in the &$*@ing Morning

With the exception of a few mornings where I was able to fall back asleep, I have been waking up at 6:30 in the morning -- without fail, without an alarm clock -- for the last month.

And when I do fall back asleep, I get to sleep in to an absurdly late hour, like 7:30. Even if I fall asleep at a late hour -- especially on UFC nights, when I don't even get home until 1 and am not in bed until at least 2 -- I'm up at 6:30. Maybe I'll nod back to sleep. Maybe not.

It's a weird feeling, going from dragging my ass out of bed for the alarm at 7 to waking up long before my husband's alarm even goes off. But I've really grown to like it. I'm up before everyone else, I can accomplish whatever it is that I want to accomplish, and I can ease into my day instead of bustling around hoping everything is ready in time.

Plus, there is nothing better than getting a whole bunch of stuff accomplished before 9 in the morning. I can see why my mom intentionally woke up as early as she did.

I'm chalking it up to a shift in my internal clock. The same one that once made staying up all night until the sun rises a doable concept. The same one that started making even staying out until 2 (aka when Rocky Horror would get out) a complete to-do. Apparently, even my biology agrees that I'm becoming an old person.

And hey, I'm down with it. There are few things as calming as a sunrise anyway. Just so long as I don't start having dinner at 4, I'll be good.

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