Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Day 246 of 365: Release Day

In case you are not friends with me on Facebook or Twitter, I'll let you in on a little secret:

Today is the release day for my model memoir.

You know, that project that I vaguely hinted at for months and then started talking about a little more in depth? The one that I was petrified of ever talking about at any particular length because, "man makes plans and God laughs"?

Well, that project is finally seeing the light of day. I'm just going to go ahead and link you to my shameless promo page on my crafts blog, which will then link you to all the places you can buy this stuff.

Today has been...surreal. It's only noon and I feel like a lifetime has passed. I'm full of so much nervous energy that I can barely type properly (which is an issue, because I have been trying to promote this book across all avenues). My nose, toes, and fingers are ice cold, because apparently my circulation cuts out when I'm this pumped.

It just feels good. Yeah, it's an ebook, but it's my ebook. An ebook that was published through a company, not just be desperately taking a stab at self-publishing. I have a website and a team of editors, producers, and so on who have my back. It's a step in the right direction. Fuck that: it's a leap in the right direction. While I'm not allowed to query agents for my first manuscript until I finish my third (which is agony right now because I'm at the chapter where all the shit goes down and I feel like Virgil, agonizing for days over two or three words. Which, if you average it out, is about how much I've been writing for this manuscript since NaNoWriMo), I can't wait to start off my publication credits with, "Author of..."

Granted, only time will tell. Maybe I never get above selling a few copies to people who know me personally. Maybe will take one look at it and go, "Yeah, whatever. Ebook." But maybe not. All I know is: is this is an absolutely incredible day, and hopefully the start of something new.

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