Thursday, May 8, 2014

Day 276 of 365: So Far for a Go-See

Usually my go-sees take place in Boston. Part of me tries to keep my Boston time within very specific parameters (in after 10 a.m., out before 2:30 p.m.) because traffic in the Boston area around anything even remotely close to rush hour is horrendous. But still, I'll make sure to get into Boston early and arrive late: the go-see might take up a whopping 10 minutes of my time, and I'll probably spend an additional two hours just enjoying my city.

Today, I had a go-see in Framingham, of all places.

The go-sees that are in the suburbs are simultaneously easier and harder. They're quicker, because I can drive directly there, instead of parking outside of the city and taking the T in. But they're also quicker because I'm in and out. I don't stick around to enjoy all of Framingham; I just get back in the car and go, with maybe a detour at a Dunkie's.

On days like today, I don't mind it. Get some good music on the radio, open up the sunroof (after the go-see, of course, because you never want to mussy up your hair beforehand), and just have a fun time, even though you are spending a combined total of 3 hours in a car for a go-see that will last you ten minutes on the absolute outside.

But still, so far for such a small amount of time. You really have to have faith that the payoff is worth it, be it in experience or landing the actual job itself (this go-see had walk-in hours of 8 to 2 p.m., with plenty of people coming in. I'm not delusional enough to think I'll land this sucker). For now, it's no problem, since most of my work, aside from my tai chi classes, is pretty fluid and can be done at any time and from anywhere. But who knows what will happen down the line.

This is a whole lot of rambling that is essentially going nowhere, but, hey, what can I say: my brain is frazzled from dealing with both 95 and the Mass Pike.

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