Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Day 289 of 365: Over the Hill

So, let's talk about something other than running, shall we?

Because I did it. I finally did it: I finally wrote the climax of my third manuscript.

Anyone who has even passed by a novel writing workshop can tell you that a proper novel -- that a proper story in general -- has an arc to it. The only time this deviates is in short stories, where the story might cut off at the climax, making it more of an upward slope. But a dynamic story always has that build-up. And a proper novel, movie, or TV show, will then have the slope back down -- the resolution and closure.

If there has ever been a time I feel like arc, it's been with this manuscript. Not in the "I'm writing a truly dynamic story because I can feel the build-up in the story!" way, but in the, "Oh my God, I am climbing uphill," way. The closer and closer I got to that high point in the story -- that moment when all the shit hath hit-eth the fan-eth and everything comes to a head -- the more I felt like I was doing an upward climb, downright trudging uphill with my feet sinking in the mud with every step. And the closer I got to the top, the steeper the climb got. To make matters worse, there was no path on this hypothetical climb. I genuinely didn't know if I was going uphill or just meandering around the mountain.

But somehow I stumbled, tripped, and grasped my way to the top. The hard part is now over.

(I hope).

So now I have two chapters to write now, with that last chapter potentially being just as difficult as that "climax" chapter (man I feel dirty every type I say, "climax"). And, much like many things in this manuscript, the climax was written and rewritten and will probably undergo some heavy edits after everything is said and done. But it's a weird relief to know it's all downhill from here.

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