Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Day 330 of 365: Home Again, Home Again

We finally got home yesterday at around 5:30 -- not bad for having to deal with 495 and 93 north of Boston at the height of rush hour. Since then, I've been doing one thing and one thing only: placating the cats who were letting us know just how neurotically they missed us.

It's now 8 in the morning and I sat down to the dining room table, where I keep my laptop. Within minutes, I had two cats quasi-napping next to me. I now have Salem sitting next to my laptop like a gargoyle, systematically pawing at my shoulder so I'll get closer to him (so he can headbutt me). Milo brought his Teddy into the dining room (and I think I've gone on a time or two about his relationship with Teddy). At 5 this morning, Milo decided it was really important that he got pet, nuzzling his wet nose into my skin until I lifted a hand and scratched behind his ear. Last night, when I left to get groceries (because we had a bag of peanuts and not much else), Milo stood in between me and the door and meow-yell at me.

They're lucky that the things I have on my agenda are home-related. From unpacking, to editing my second manuscript (my husband has been incredible about reading M#2 in its early stages and telling me what works and doesn't work. Everyone needs a husband like this.), to getting caught up on my Spanish lessons (my husband and I attempted a little Spanish talking during our road trip. For me, I feel like I'm listening to a song that I might know, but my brain hasn't registered it yet, so all I hear is noise. That's the only way to describe how I feel about understanding Spanish right now.), to working on my "yoga homework", to getting ready to teach tai chi tonight.

Of course, none of this is getting accomplished because I've been knee-deep on the Chael Sonnen drama (for those playing the home game: well-known MMA fighter got busted for the same shit Lance Armstrong got busted for after failing a previous drug test and now he's been fired from both Fox and the UFC). Because that's the joy of being self-employed: no boss to yell at you for not doing your job, ergo you don't have to hide when you're hanging out on gossip sites instead of doing what you're supposed to be doing.

But hey, I am doing one thing I have to do: this blog entry. I'm only 35 days away from completing this bad boy and like hell if I'll let any type of drama stop me from finishing it.

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