Saturday, July 19, 2014

Day 348 of 365: Jumping Off

Somehow -- somehow -- I've made it to near the end of this project. I'm now 17 or so posts away from being done with this project. What started as a hybrid of the 365 Photography Challenge and a professor's assignment for his students has helped me articulate a lot of ideas and opinions that are usually left swirling in my brain. Before this, I didn't "blog" so much as I attempted to document major shit going on in my LJ (which, to be fair, was more for me than any of the dwindling number of people allowed to see the posts). I definitely didn't write essays before this (and I will repeat myself again in saying that the essays that websites have published are not blogs. Blogs don't need to be approved by editors and have the author fill out W2s). In some ways, this blog was one of the best decisions I ever made when it came to my writing career (even better than taking a fiction-writing workshop in the summer when my application to spend a summer semester in Greece was denied).

But I'm now less than 17 posts away from completion. And -- because I'm neurotic and like things to be even and just so -- I'm leaving this blog alone after 365.25 (because we gotta accommodate that leap day, right? =)). But I know I can't go back to writing about my day in a secured online journal on a dying website and call it a day.

So I've been hard at work (and by "hard at work" I mean, "That thing I do when I don't feel like being properly productive") creating my jumping off point. Something to also help rope in all these other branches I've got going on (like the start of my yoga website, which is a discussion for another time).

The real funny part is that my best friend sent me a free ebook called Writing Prompt Boot Camp. It's a two-week intensive where you -- gee -- write every day for two weeks, answering whatever prompts you've been given. I can't help but chuckle. This must be what marathoners feel when people try to send them 5k training schedules. Like, how adorable.

So I find it somewhat humorous that -- at least for two weeks -- be doing exactly what I was doing on this blog. But I see it as a Nicorette Patch. Going to a new blog -- one where I am not required to write in every day -- and doing a "boot camp" for two weeks is an interesting step down from this project. And we already know I've been feeling overly sentimental about closing out this colossus.

So it looks like I did the math wrong (me? Do math incorrectly? Surely, you jest) and this project will be over before I graduate from yoga teacher training. Well, then, guess that'll mean I'll have to talk about it in my new blog (after boot camp, of course =)).

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