Thursday, July 10, 2014

Day 339 of 365: Forge This Smile

I mentioned a long time ago that I'm not one for jumping blogs. I believe that creating a brand new blog every time you feel like getting back into writing is like buying a bunch of workout clothes every single time you try to get back to the gym. It's to the point that I have to remind myself that this blog should be left alone once we hit 365/366. I also mentioned that I have had the same LJ since 2004. Granted, I update it maybe once or twice a month, and I use it primarily to comment on the gossip site ONTD, but hey, I still have it.

Now, like I said, I got this in 2004. I got this in the midst of the kind of gnarly little heartbreak that is part and parcel of high school life. So, what was my LJ name? Forgethissmile. Aka, "Forget His Smile".


I don't want to abandon an old LJ, and I feel silly for paying money to change the name, so I kept it what it was for over a decade. Then, yesterday, I had someone on ONTD ask me what my LJ name meant.

And, no, the LJ user didn't ask for the background of "Forget His Smile"; they wanted to know if the name was "Forge This Smile" or "Forget His Smile".

In all my time with this name I've never once considered that version of the username.

I saw the typo "forget this smile", and that was about it. I replied back that it was originally the latter, but I was now adopting the first idea.

In some weird way, it's fitting that, over 10 years later, I completely change the meaning without changing a single letter. And it goes from something a little whiney and dependent to something that could downright be the name of a death metal band.

Forge this smile from iron, forge this smile stone, travel through the fire, know you're not alone.

Oh, I could make a killing making crappy song lyrics.

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