Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Day 344 of 365: Timing

The schedule for the public classes for us teachers-in-training has been released. For four days -- the 16th to the 19th in August -- me and my fellow trainees will be teaching classes that are open to the public. Some of these classes are scheduled the same time as regular classes at the studio -- those classes are 75 minutes long instead of the standard hour for practicum (since the usual classes are also 75 minutes). I checked the schedule and saw that I (and my class partner) are up first, and in the time slot for the usual Saturday morning class.

That's a little frightening, to go first, and during a class that is usually pretty full. But, in a way, I think it is perfect timing.

Once upon a time I moved to New Hampshire. I had been playing with the idea of yoga for some time, but never could commit myself to going to an actual studio for a class. And then, one day, I decided to buck up and finally try a full-on class at a proper studio. And that class? The Saturday morning class at the studio that has hosted the majority of the teacher training.

In some weird way, this is me coming full circle. I credit that class -- and I credit the incredible savasana and this weird but innate understanding that my body was nothing compared to the dynamic spirit that rested inside of me while resting in savasana -- with consistently coming back again and again, growing on my love for yoga and my love for what my body can do, until I finally realized that I wanted to be a yoga instructor. Granted, originally I was looking at retreats in Costa Rica (all the while sighing that I didn't even have the money for the more local varieties of training), but it just felt right when I heard about the training my studio would be hosting (and it felt wrong to not sign up -- only to have it feel right when I opened the box at Christmas and saw the new student questionnaire).

By the time I teach this class, I will have taught roughly three times at the homeless shelter. I guess I'm not freaking out about the Saturday class because, after working with the homeless, I doubt I'll be scared about a bunch of fellow granolas going through a few sun salutations.

I've noticed that life has perfect timing when you become aware to it. Whether or not that's actually a thing, well, I'll leave it up to you to decide. But of all the scheduled slots to do my class, I couldn't have asked for a better time.

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