Saturday, March 1, 2014

Day 208 of 365: Anatomy

I am so incredibly grateful that yoga teacher training has such a scientific side to it.

I'll be the first to admit that I worried yoga teacher training would be a lot of chanting, a lot of talking about chakras, and a lot of philosophies that I don't really follow. But the overall atmosphere has been incredible. The primary message is, "Don't do anything that will injure a student; do make your studio as welcoming as possible." And one way that educate us on that message is through giving us a crash course in anatomy.

I can quickly see why I never went to school to become a nurse/doctor (aside from the fact that they rival teachers in the "overworked" department). Just went I think I have muscle extention/muscle flexion down pat, I'm learning about the various disks in the vertebrae. And when I think I have that covered, suddenly I'm transported into the various muscles that assist with breathing, accessory inhalation, accessory breathings, etc, etc, etc.

And don't get me started on the pages that break down the various poses. If there were a bar exam for yoga training, I so would not pass it right now.

And these classes are tough. The online modules we have to do can be upwards of 5 hours long. I had two due for class today and I had honestly wanted to cry tears of joy when I saw the second module and saw that it was only an hour and a half (good sign that your spirit has been broken).

But, man, if I gain nothing else from this, the better understanding of anatomy alone is worth the tuition money. I can feel it change the way I shape my tai chi classes. I find myself explaining why we do the stretches we do. I can talk about injury prevention and mention the muscles that could get blown out. I approach modifications to the form with a new type of authority.

I just love the confidence it has given me. That's what I have to focus on when I run out of gas and still have another hour-long video to watch.

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