Monday, March 3, 2014

Day 210 of 365: Winter Numbness

So, you know how people post on Facebook et al just before a vacation about how they have "so much to do" before they board their plane -- and most of us are like, "Oh to have your problems."

Well, this is one of those posts.

I have two days to get everything ready before we go to Florida. After hearing about potentially another storm a-brewing, I need out of New England and I need out now. This perpetually cold, grew environment is eating at my soul and destroying my productivity. I need the ultimate palate cleanser: a week in the sun with the sand beneath my toes.

Only one problem: because this weather, I have zero intentions of getting off my ass.

There's a lot that needs to get done. Aside from packing and prepping for the flight/vacation itself, I need to clean the entire house, prep the various food/water/etc things for our pets, completely clear out the chicken coop so our poor friends don't have to deal with their bitchiness (our chickens are little brats). And I need to finally submit something I swore I was going to have finished and submitted two times now (it's just getting silly at this point).

But it's cold and dank and gray and I just want to have hot choco and take a nap. And it's only 8 a.m.

We are past winter desperation. We are now smack-dab in the middle of winter numbness. That seems a little counterintuitive -- doesn't the winter cold make us numb for the entire stretch of winter? But our spirit is broken after February. We spend all of February desperately wishing for an early spring, only to hear that more snow is on its way. We hit March and we just expect more of the same. We dare not even hope for warmer weather at this point, because January and February have beat us into submission.

But, like I said in one of my very first posts, some days you have to say: it's not a choice. Force yourself off your ass and move forward and pray that a little sunshine (and sunburn) will help counteract all this bitter cold.

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