Thursday, March 20, 2014

Day 227 of 365: Bringing You Back

Today I am in Nashua again, spending my day at the Barnes & Noble. In a few hours, my husband and I will be driving to Boston to meet one of our favorite authors: Patrick Rothfuss, author of The Kingkiller trilogy (which everyone should read. I don't like fantasy books and I loved these books). I drove down with my husband because we live a half-hour north of Nashua, and, time-wise, it just makes sense if we're already at the New Hampshire/Massachusetts border if we need to get to Boston by a certain time.

So today was one big "get homework and writing done" type of day. As part of teacher training, I have to take this online anatomy course, which is simultaneously daunting and exciting. I did one day's lecture, drove around to refresh my mind, and went back for (at least part one of) the next lecture. Somewhere in between that, I continued to work on my third manuscript, slowly sculpting out the scenes as I see fit.

This really brings me back to last fall, when we moved to our house, but still only had one car. I'd drive down with my husband three or so times a week and spend the day closing out the apartment and sequestering myself in the local Barnes & Noble to work on my writing. And I remember how that used to bring me back to my college days, when I would work as a front desk lady/security guard for the various dorm halls. I typically picked "dead times" (6 - 11 am, or 6 - 11 pm), which meant my responsibilities were slim to none. Combine that with the fact that this was 2006 and "wireless internet" was still in its infancy, and I had a lot of hours to do nothing but work on homework and write.

I think it's incredibly important to draw on your past, see similarities and parallels, as well as the differences. See life as constantly coming full circle and suddenly everything seems a lot more poetic. It's a lot easier to see things as having more meaning. Yeah, I could just be idling hanging out until it's time to drive to Boston, or I could be experiencing a different chapter in my life with a wee bit of a flashback. It's all about how you look at it.

Regardless, I'm excited to see Patrick Rothfuss tonight. He's got this great Joss Whedon feel about him. And hey, maybe I can get a few pointers about this crazy writing industry.

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