Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Day 212 of 365: Limits

My fat chihuahua of a cat doesn't hop onto the kitchen counter. Instead, he sits by the edge and meows pitifully until someone is willing to pick him up and put him on the counter. Even when he desperately wants to get on the counter. If no one picks him up, he'll just pace back and forth, paw at the counter, and then walk away in defeat.

Even when we put treats on the counter to encourage him to hop up. Even when he sees his brother hop up with ease. Regardless of what we do or what he's exposed to, he refuses to attempt to jump onto the counter. He might do a false start

However, once he is on the counter, he can jump onto the top of the fridge with no problem. The counter comes up to roughly the halfway mark on fridge, meaning the distance from the floor to the counter is identical to the distance from the counter to the fridge.

If this is not a reminder that the majority of our limits are usually arbitrary ones that we put upon ourselves out of fear and a lack of self confidence, I don't know what is.

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