Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Day 218 of 365: Spring Break

So, apparently this week is the height of spring break season. I thought it was nutty enough when we went to Miami Beach and had to wade through the throngs of college kids. But, this week, even Fort Lauderdale is filled with college students.

To say I didn't have a standard college life is an understatement. Given that I participated in the co-op program and stopped having summer breaks after my freshman year, it's safe to say there was a lot of standard college life that I didn't participate in.  I had a serious boyfriend for 90% of it, and I never could get drunk without puking and hating myself.  Northeastern's spring break was in February and I usually spent it just catching up on schoolwork and trying to relax.  The wild and reckless college years were not really part of my repertoire.

I was talking with my husband about this yesterday.  We both never experienced the insanity of a spring break in Cabo or weekend benders.  But that really is for the best.  As I told him, the closest I ever got to a normal college experience was my first semester freshman year.  I was drinking way too much and hooking up with abandon and going to night clubs ... and I was miserable.

My most unhappy time in college was that first semester.  Because that is not me. I don't recover well from being drunk and I'm not the type to just be casual about the opposite sex.

And maybe, for some, that type of lifestyle comes naturally.  And maybe they'll transition out and join the real world. Or maybe they'll opine for their "glory days", still going out and getting blitzed and bemoaning how "old" they've become.

Who knows. All I know is that, from the perspective of an adult, spring break doesn't exactly look that great. Just a regular vacation with more bodies hanging around and more booze consumed.   Oh, and "whoo"ing.  There's always "whoo"ing.

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