Thursday, December 5, 2013

Day 123 of 365: Future Writing Projects

I haven't touched my third manuscript since NaNoWriMo. I think a break is due, especially since I was dragging ass for that last week. I just need a week or two to do a factory reset on my mind before diving back in. I want to have it finished by the spring, but I also won't beat myself up if it's not done by then.

During this break time, I've gone back to a previous writing project. This is the one I've been incredibly cryptic about, if only because I am leary of talking to much about hypothetical futures (what's that saying again? Man makes plans and God laughs?) but now that I'm at least halfway through it, I feel comfortable enough to talk about it.

Writing essays has been my thing for the last, gee, 123 days. Writing about what's on my mind and what has happened in my life has become a lot easier than it was in the past. Granted, this effortlessness results in a lot more grammatical errors (and weaker sentences and poor use of idiomatic phrases...), but, still, it has opened a lot of doors for me. As someone who has been toeing back into the world of modeling, I decided to get retrospective and look back on the funny, infuriating, embarrassing, and just plain interesting times as a model.

And I decided to write them all down.

I only have about 15,000 words worth of essays write now. The goal is to at least double it and then... we'll see. Again, I hate talking about the hypothetical future because it can all come crumbling down before you know it and suddenly you have egg on your face, but I have some high hopes. I'd like to think having a viral essay has given me a bit of a leg up, but, again, we'll see.

It's a murky day again. I've decided to fight fire with fire -- or, in this case, fight water with ovens. I'm cooking up the most aromatic foods I can imagine. If the outside is going to look like misery, the inside is going to at least smell like heaven.

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