Sunday, December 29, 2013

Day 146 of 365: Let's Talk About Last Night's Fights

Hey, have we figured out that I'm a huge MMA fan yet?

It is the one sport that I will watch obsessively. So help me God, from a free Fight Night on Fox Sports 1 to a pay-per-view gem, I am there. I'll miss hockey games (even Bruins games). I'll miss a LOT of football games. But I won't miss fight nights.

Last night cemented the fact that 2013 was quite possibly the craziest year for fighting. In 2013, we've seen a heavyweight fight go five rounds in an incredible display of technique (which just does not happen with heavyweight fights), we've watched guaranteed champions lose their belt, keep their belt by the skin of their teeth, defend their belt, only to find out that they had broken their toe in the middle of a round (Google "Jon Jones Broken Toe" to see what I mean). We watched George St. Pierre -- arguably one of the best fighters ever -- step down from his post and we watched as Anderson Silva -- also arguable one of the best fighters ever -- get knocked out after clowning around in his fight.

And last night? We watched Ronda Rousey go more than one round in a very technical and precise fight with Meisha Tate.

Oh, and Anderson Silva broke his fucking leg on Weidman's knee.

Everyone knew that Ronda Rousey was going to win her fight. No one knew who was going to win in the Silva/Weidman rematch. And definitely no one expected the fight to end with Anderson swinging a leg, catching it on Weidman's knee, and splitting it clean it half.

Silva has powerful kicks. He's kicked a man flat-flooted against the chest and broken his ribs (and stopping the fight). So I'm not surprised that he has enough force to break one of his legs if the kick is interrupted by a solid force. But that didn't stop the horrified look on my face as I watched Silva's knee go in one direction and the shin go in another.

This year has been an insane year for fighting. From the rise of women's MMA to the downfall of many a beloved fighter. This last card for 2013 was filled with incredible fights, culminating in one of the biggest surprise endings ever. I can only imagine what 2014 will have in store.

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