Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Day 128 of 365: The Critical Mass of Facebook

I think it might've happened. For the first time in over 8 years, I think I'm sick of Facebook.

I don't know the exact moment. Somewhere between 15 "Facts About my Pregnancy" posts, pictures of shots before they are taken at the bar, and reposts of glittery pictures saying inane shit like "Kids Get Their Coolness From Their Aunties!!!", I found myself going, "Who CARES?"

Granted, I've been rolling my eyes of some of the posts for a while now. But spontaneous positive reinforcement is funny: you can be sick to death of a website, but so long as it sometimes gives you something you enjoy, you'll keep coming back. And now, I'm not even concerned about the positives. What used to be my go-to page when I first went online is now something I check about as regularly as I check my email. Which is still too often for my liking, but it's a start.

This was something I realized when I was talking with my husband last night. We talked about how much more productive we'd be if we didn't have the internet. And while the internet is why I have any type of audience when it comes to my reading, I'm still woefully unproductive because of it. Youtube has been my primary killer: I could practice my new form, or I could watch "Everything That's Wrong With Spiderman in 4 Minutes or Less". But it's not Facebook anymore. I'm not diving through the newsfeed and constructing my own statuses and carefully picking out which selfie I want as my next profile picture.

Maybe it's the end of Internet 2.0 as we know it. We're all so super-saturated with the internet being a "social experience". Youtube wants to crosspost my comments onto Google+ (and they still won't admit defeat and give up on Google+). Every single retail, news, and entertainment website wants to you to share their stuff on everything from Pinterest to Twitter. And I don't think I'm alone in saying that I'm just exhausted by it. I don't care about that picture of a karaoke machine. I don't care that you "had your baby on the exact due date!" And while I like that I can keep in contact with practically everyone I've known since forever, unless I actually know you and consider you a close family or friend, I just don't care. And, odds are, if I care about you enough to read about it on Facebook, there's a good chance I already know about it through actual talking.

It'll probably be a long while before I stop Twittering (at the very least, because Twitter is like a release valve for my scattered brain). And it'll probably be just as long before I stop swooping over to YouTube to check out an old fight or a cute kitten spazzing out. But it's a step in the right direction.

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