Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Day 148 of 365: Addled by Injury

I know I should probably do a ~year in review~, but I plan on doing that on my regular blog, so instead, this morning, I'm going to talk about injury.

Because guess who is injured yet again. This time it's the top of my left foot. I mention briefly how my calf muscles have locked up and my left foot was bothering me, but I woke up this morning and found myself hobbling to get anywhere. It honestly feels like someone drove their heel into the top of my foot and broke a bone. Which begs the question: have I been getting into street fights in my sleep? Because I can't figure out any other way I'm getting this random-ass injuries.

Again, it is very frustrating to have to sit out again, especially after spending a week on vacation. The 16-miler is in three weeks and I've yet to run any farther than 10 since my half-marathon. Part of me is hoping for a snow delay, even though there's a good chance that the snow delay will land on a day I have classes.

I think the most frustrating part is the fact that this is just more proof that I'm getting old. I'm not at my physical peak, and, what's worse, I didn't take advantage of said physical peak. I was just a standard teenager/college student who thought so much of herself when she would go on the elliptical for a whole 30 minutes. And now I'm 27, finally interested in what the human body is capable of, and I'm getting injured left and right. For fuck's sake, there was no such thing as sore legs when I ran track, even on the days they'd surprise us sprinters with a 3-mile run.

But, really, the only thing I can do is give myself the rest I need. Being mad that I'm not a spring chicken anymore isn't going to get me anywhere. I just need to do some yoga (and do my homework for my impending yoga class), relax, enjoy New Year's Eve, and see where life takes me. Because, as I'll recap in my crafts blog, I went on quite the journey in 2013, figuratively and literally.

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