Friday, December 27, 2013

Day 144 of 365: Home Again

Home again, home again, jiggity jig.

Today is our last day in Ohio. The week sped by, so much so that the gym/running routine we planned on ended up falling completely by the wayside. But that's all right: my right hip had been feeling slightly out of its socket and my left knee had been giving me trouble, so it was nice to take a week off, even if that means I only have 3 weeks to train for the 16-miler.

Aside from events and gettogethers (and shooting a rifle outside in a ditch, but that's for another time), it's been a flurry of emails and order forms and preparation for the New Year. It's been a constant stream of emailing my yoga instructor, my future teacher, the place I will be teaching tai chi at and the place I used to teach tai chi at. I've been emailing one of the producers at Thought Catalog and getting things finalized for me to submit my modeling memoir to them (which is FINALLY fully-written and in the first stages of editing) as well as submitting various essays (and thinking up various essays). The latter part has been incredibly difficult: I am a firm believer in writing only because you have something to say, not because you want to say something, but I want to keep my presence on the website open, making people more likely to buy my (e)book.

The nice thing is, is if I get any inclination, any idea, I can just stream-of-conscious write it here until I feel like I have a decent base, polish it up, and send it. This blog idea was probably one of the best ideas I had for 2013, second only to leaving teaching/picking up a tai chi gig.

Our goal is to make it back to New England by nightfall. If we don't, we'll stay at a hotel and try again in the morning. Although no intentional pitstops in Hershey, PE, this time around =)

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