Saturday, December 7, 2013

Day 125 of 365: Collective Unconscious

My husband and I were watching Oz: Great and Powerful a few nights ago. While the movie was pretty terrible (green screens and meandering plot and shitty dialogue, oh my!), it got me thinking about the Land of Oz. Much like with Dorothy, the characters in the Land of Oz look an awful lot like the people the wizard knew before he got swept up by the tornado.

And like that, my pseudo-stoner mind went into overdrive: what if the Land of Oz is the collective unconscious? And Oz was so much of a megalomaniac that he imprinted on it first, naming it after himself?

It's not too much of a jump: Dorothy does end up waking up back in Kansas, surrounded by people who played the characters in the Land of Oz. And, much like Dorothy, part of Oz's story involves interacting with the Land of Oz versions of people he was having conflicts with.

Maybe I'm just too much of a Jungian, because I love the idea of the collective unconscious and archetypes (and his findings on extroversion versus introversion). But thinking about this made the movie incredibly entertaining -- even after Mila Kunis's lackluster acting took center stage.

These are the posts you can expect to get after a late night, followed by a really weird dream that switched back and forth between "zombie apocalypse" and "demon apocalypse".

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